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Inverell Navy and Norwood Grey   38R jacket (brought in at the waist and sleeves slightly shortened)   30 Pants   
 Just honestly look crap on me, mate. Cheers mate, thought as much. Tough with measurements. Was hoping there was somewhere that would buy second hand clothing, and put it on their racks. 
Does anyone know where I can sell my 2x unworn MJB suits?    I've had them altered and still hate the fit :(  I know just want to cut my 'losses' sell them for whatever I can - and start over again. 
 Fit. Too much of a hassle for me to get back to Melb just to change them. I made a post about the story before. Anyway, I'm quitting my job so no need for a suit anymore. :)
So guys,  I have completely unworn 2x MJ Bale Suits 1 Navy 1 Charcoal   Never worn. 38R jacket and 30" pants (that they had taken up)    Where would be the best place to sell these?  Pissed off I laid down $1k for it, anyway. 
Ugh,  So....went to MJ Bale to get 2 suits for $1k.    Up in Melb for a week for work I didn't have too much time due to work. My client was just out of the CBD and I work 8.30-6.   Anyway, Sunday I went in and bought a charcoal and navy suit.   30" pants = obviously needed some shortening.  36 Jacket - was literally JUST right, but I could have busted it reaching for something.  38 Jacket - tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit too big.   Alas, I will get the 38...
Hey, thanks a lot for this!  I'll skip CR then. $600 for that isn't what I want to do. Saving me some of my limited time! So, cheers mate!    I'll check Herringbone. I'm figuring $600-800 now for a suit. Don't really want too much structure though.
Going in quickly tomorrow to try suits;  Mj Bale Rhodes and Beckett Country Road   if nada is decent there I'll try DJ's late Thursday night.    Wish me luck! :p
  Ahh okay. Yes, the MJ Bale section was like 2 suits or something, so it could well have been the standard line.    Wrt budget - no problem in doing so. I wanted to grab 2 suits, 'tis all. I have about $1k to play with.  The Herrbingbone was the longest.    ====   Thanks for the input so far. 
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