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interval cardio workouts + crossfit exercises = you'll be cut up in 3 months...just in time for the summer beach weather!
check out BR stuff, especially when it's on sale.  they arent as good as BB stuff obviously, but at the same time you arent selling one of your kidneys to get them.  i bought one the other day for 49 bucks on sale.
Hey fellas,   I'm Jeff and I got introduced to this forum through a friend of mine.  Keep up the good work!
due to my active lifestyle, i actually prefer the boxer briefs made by under armour.  i have both the 6" and 9" inseam, and both are really nice.  my only gripe is that each pair will set you back 20 bucks.  
just got mine in the mail yesterday, and im totally diggin' them.  thanks k4lnamja for letting me know where to find these.  ever since the weather started warming up again, it's been hard to rock shorts and my jordans when the socks are showing.  i absolutely love the gel insert towards the heel so that the socks don't slide off.  will definitely be buying some more in the future!
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