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yea, u gotta wake up in the middle of the night to go take a piss.
theres no doubt that boxing will get you in shape, but as for strength training for explosive workouts, id say cross fit is the way to go.  its a more well rounded workout involving your entire body.  plus after a few classes, u can even just get an exercise mat and do some of the workouts at home.
go pick up an iron gym pull up bar 
Lol, hilarious!
i have that uncontrollable asian hair as well, and i use "aveda molding clay'.  never tried another product since ive been introduced to this one...
chipotle burrito with extra tapatio sauce.  it required two full rolls of toilet paper to clean up that mess..
i saw this before, but i was worried it would be a scam.  anyone actually try one of these subscriptions? 
i use the clinique line (facial wash + toner + lotion), and my skin has gotten remarkably better than before when i used to use generic crap i bought at CVS. give it a go!
since you're young, why not bulk up to your ideal weight before investing in clothes.  
try crossfit.  the last time i was in nyc those gyms were popping up like starbucks back in the late 90's.    
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