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how was it?  
I wouldn't completely ditch my cross-training exercises.  Professional athletes practice their respective sports day in and day out, yet they also cross train. 
Haha, trying to sell it to someone will be difficult unless you are going to sell it to a buddy.  I would never buy an opened bottle of cologne online, no matter how cheap it is.   Like MikeHeath says, just cut your losses and give it to someone close to you.  I'm sure your father, brother, or close friend would appreciate it.
congrats!  keep up the good work.  if you actually start exercising regularly, and maintain a healthy diet, i'm sure you can skim down to the sub 300 lbs. range in no time.
pretty neat...i should get myself a pair soon.  looks awfully funn though..
I've been a huge nike dri-fit proponent for years, but recently my buddy gave me some under armour gym clothes as a b-day present, and I haven't looked back.  It fits better, and the quality is far more superior.   As for shoes, it all depends on what kind of workouts you are doing.  I tend to enjoy long 10+ mile runs outdoors, and I love New Balance sneakers.  If I'm just lifting weights and doing light cross-training exercises at my gym, then my Nike's or Adidas...
.01  to get to the kitchen to grab a cold bruskie
thanks for starting this that the summer's coming along, id like to change my hairstyle too
i like to stick the intellectual the sharpie writings on the public bathroom stall
I went to pick up some more ninja sox, but they are indeed still out of stock...must be pretty damn popular if they ran out already since the last time i bought them.   After visiting this thread, I bought a pair of the mocc socks to check them out, and what a huge disappointment!  I'm constantly readjusting my shoes because the damn heel slips off, and they are not functional if you plan on walking a lot throughout the day.  I tried washing them a few times to get...
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