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1, but my belly keeps getting in the way...
New Balance is the ish...
sounds like he fell off the wagon...
you look a lot younger with your shorter hair, but the longer hair looks better on you. just my 2cents.
Mederma only helps with small scars, and it never completely goes away.  you definitely have to see a plastic surgeon, depending on how bad it is.
ive read on the bodybuilding forums that muscle milk is a meal replacement protein shake.  on the mornings after my workout, i'll be sure to down a quick muscle milk shake to make sure my body is getting the proper nutrients...   never skip breakfast. 
go for the beiber look.  you look young enough to be able to pull it off...
the way i see it is, if you're thirsty, then your body is telling you to drink.  listen to your body.
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