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Here is my Archimede Pilot M with a handmade leather strap.
Thanks! You're right it was a stylised look, as I was playing with my band on stage minutes after. Outside. Minus 6 degrees Celsius. Stiff fingers!
How do you feel about this? A little over the top retro perhaps? Pants are gray flannel, jacket is a DB brownish herringbone tweed with orange overcheck, sweater is green and tie is navy woven silk with green elephants.  
-23C/-9,4F outside today. Not sure if I would call this casual, but there's no tie so I guess it can qualify.         Please ignore ugly pilling on my wool socks   
  Thank's for your thoughts. Yes it's a little tricky with those pants and sweater. If I had a mid gray tweed I would try it!       Good eyes! I think you are right, can't remember the exact model name but they are made by Cheaney and I stumbled upon them at this forum while googling for good boots. They are 1,5 years old and my favourite shoes. You like them yes?
Thanks for the feedback yesterday!   Tried to find a jacket to go with this, but didn't come up with anything good. Any suggestions what might work? Trousers are a blackish bottle green, but look dark blue in the photo. Is the sweater too thick for a jacket you think?        
Thank you! I've been lurking for a while. And it's true, the jacket is probably a little too tight for wearing a sweater underneath.   Thanks. You're right about the shoes. Those are slippers I just wear at home. Had I been at work I would have wore sturdier shoes.
How do you feel about this? (First post.)  
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