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Any stores with the white Common Projects Original Achilles on sale?
Check your pm!
Hi, is the navy still for sale?
Just put in my first order for a Finamore shirt!
I'm thinking about these velvet loafers from Mezlan, but I can't find much on the quality of their shoes or the brand.  Thoughts are appreciated.  Or if anyone has any alternatives that would be appreciated as well.   Here are the shoes,   http://www.mezlan.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1965 Thanks!
Looking for a 42R (i'm 5'11 and 180 pounds) suit for a summer engagement in gray or another lighter color (ie: not black) and solid or stripes are ok .  My price range is $400 - $800.  Please PM me with pics and measurements.   Thanks!
Do you have anymore OV or VIW?
Hi, do you have any left?
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