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I agree with archibaldleach. Pinstripe odd pants are bad enough, but navy makes it worse. We are doing you a favor by saving you money.   If you are looking for odd trousers, mid-gray or brown are nice.
I know Manton is against grenadines with odd jackets, and foo is for them. I take it from this comment that you are OK with grenadines and odd jackets as well?
I saw that the Knottery offered that option, but it also pushes it to a 61" length up from 57". 61 is a bit too long for me.
CEGO and LS Men's are MTM. The nice thing is, you can go in-person, get measured, and pick out your fabrics.
After the discussion about knit ties with odd jackets, I decided to give one a try. I admit I didn't go "all the way," as this knit tie has a pointy end. I tried 2 different pocket squares. It is an odd jacket with mid-gray flannel pants.    
Only during clearance sales, and only on some shirts. I've seen a few at $29 or even $25, though the ones priced this low tend to be ones they are having a hard time selling. More often than not, they are ugly, or at least very loud. You are not likely to find a staple like the sky blue poplin shirt in the clearance sales.
They serve completely different purposes. The cap-toe is a very conservative, classic business shoe. The wholecut is much less consevative, and arguably has no place in the business world. Now if you happen to be in a very casual business environment, chances are, no one cares if you wear a wholecut to work.
You could always try TM Lewin. Their fully-fitted line is tighter than BB. They are mail-order only. You can also try Charles Tyrwhitt. They have a couple locations in manhattan. They will probably be like BB though. MTM is probably your best option. Since you are in NYC there are many places that you could use. You don't have to know anything about your measurements. You go to them, and they will measure you. To name a few, there is CEGO shirts, LS Men's clothing...
Recondite tends to do that. He derailed the good taste thread for a couple of days.   I really hope there isn't some new SF member out there listening to anything he says.
So no greenish cast, right?I have a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots. When they get wet, say from water droplets after I wash my hands, I get spots on them. These spots don't go away after the water dries
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