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  The tie isn't straight-up red; it is closer to a brick red. Here is a picture with more lighting, though it washes out the blue in the shirt.  
Is this a self-imposed retirement?
This is an odd jacket with mid-gray pants.  
There are navy versions of wedding ties out there too, though I don't know if Kent has them.
Unfortunately the JAB signature peak lapel tuxedo fits almost all of your criteria excep that it has no vents. The suit supply one does have vents, so that may be a better option
Looks like C&J
What color are you going with, navy or charcoal?
That's a black tie? Looks like chocolate brown in the picture.   If it is black, what color shoes do you wear with something like this?
I decided to go conservative with a white linen square today. Though it isn't obvious from the picture, the square is starting to take on a yellowish cast. It is only about 6 months old. I don't regularly expose it to sunlight or anything. What do you typically do with these? Embrace the yellow as a "patina" of sorts, buy new linen squares every few months, or bleach them?  
Regarding shawl vs. peak formality, this is my source: http://www.blacktieguide.com/Classic/Classic_Tuxedos.htm Read the section on lapels. The peak is derived from a white-tie tailcoat, while a shawl is derived from a smoking jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: