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I might give that a try this summer. So dark brown shoes then? Would you do a grenadine or knit black tie?
Ok, thanks. So I guess Vass sizing does not follow standard EU sizing? According to all of the charts, 43.5 would be a bit large for me.As for my instep, I suspect it is only slightly high. I wear C&J oxfords, and the gap is about .5" or smaller, but not completely closed.
I am also considering a pair of Vass in the F-last. I wear the following sizes in other brands: 9.5D US in C&J for BB 341 last (probably corresponds to 8.5E UK, but not sure) 8.5E UK in C&J 348 and 365 lasts 42 in MMM boots 42 in Fiorentini and Baker boots   All of the above fit me very well. The fore-foot in the C&J 365 is roomy, as I assume it is meant to be, as it is a country boot.   Any advice would be appreciated.
 Quality-wise, this is a better shoe than the other one you picked. However, it has a much different look. This is one is a bit on the clunky side, while the other one you had selected is a bit sleeker. There is nothing wrong with the Loake, just that it isn't at all like your first choice.
Robert Redford needs his sleeves shortened in both pics above.
Without seeing the whole outfit, it is hard to say, but I suspect the mid-gray flannel pants don't provide enough contrast with the jacket. Are you wearing a tie clip?
My understanding here is that cuffs were essentially invented to be "mud flaps" to protect the outside of the trouser leg when getting off your horse on a dirt road. The whole idea of the dinner suit was to change out of your dirty day clothes, so you really wouldn't be riding somewhere in your dinner clothes, and wouldn't have need of cuffs.
There is nothing with the shoe, but don't wear these with jeans. They are really meant for suits.
Not sure if it has to do with black leather. I have walnut strands and Merlot Mcallisters. I have the same fit experience as OptoDoc.
They will if you step in enough of it. You run the risk of losing your crease.
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