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 They are not at all a dress shoe due to the contrast edge, split-reverse welt, rough leather and extensive brogueing. If you want just one black dress shoe, the Park Avenue is the answer (at least if you want to stick with an Allen Edmonds shoe).
I wouldn't wear double monks for an interview at either place. I'm not saying it means you won't get the job, but I wouldn't take the chance.My point was more that it is that there are situations where one should wear a conservative black shoe, so it is a good idea to have a pair in your wardrobe. The Neumora is not that shoe.
If you don't need it, then I guess you can skip, but I wouldn't wear a double monk to a job interview.If you are looking for Merlot, the Mcallister is a good choice.
I would skip the merlot park avenue. You could always do a black park avenue. The Neumora is a far cry from a conservative black shoe. You could also do the Delray in chili.
LS Men's clothing will do MTO trousers for somewhat less than $300. You should be able to get MTM for about $300. I don't know if they can copy your existing pair, but it wouldn't hurt to go there and bring them with you.
 Why not just use your normal alterations tailor? The alterations aren't free, nor are they particularly cheap.
Does anyone know if the Roma is half-canvassed, and how the fit compares to the Lazio or LaSpalla?
For those with 10 or more, do you have a bunch of year-round suits, or do you try for a more seasonal wardrobe?
That's one of my main complaints about them as well. They have so many French cuff shirts. CT at offers all shirts in barrel cuff.
JAB sells OTR tropical wool trousers with a bit of texture. Not sure if they are technically hopsack or not
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