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Guys can wear capris?
Does this apply to tweed as well?
Do you you get your fresco pants lined or unlined?
I wouldn't wear the flannel when it is hot out. I am just wondering if I am supposed to be putting the flannels away just because it is technically spring now.
I'm not worried about the weave being open. If it is a hot day, I will just wear the tropical weight wool or linen. I would wear the gabardine on cool days, like highs in the 50s.Is flannel ever considered seasonally inappropriate or is it more of a temperature/comfort issue?
Thanks for the summer trouser suggestions. What about spring or cooler summer days? This would be for days where it is too cool for tropical weight or linen, like April and May in the Northeast? I plan on going with mid-gray gabardine until June, along with recently-acquired dress chinos.
I walk probably that much per day (sometimes more) and am nowhere near a recraft in any of my shoes. I am about a year in on my oldest pair. I have had the heels replaced on 2 pairs by a local cobbler ($25 a pair). These were the full rubber heel. Your combination heel might be a little more expensive.I also have topys on some, which greatly extends sole life. I have had those replaced once in 2 pairs ($35 per pair). You can get metal toe taps installed, which will protect...
I tuck mine in
I just picked up the Islays. This makes my second pair of C&J after the Westboure. Do those of you with the Islay wear them in the snow and rain? I plan on wearing them on rainy and snowy days. They look like they can handle it. How well does the leather handle scuffs and bumps?
Sorry, I was saying that in the context of seasonality. I absolutely don't wear them in spring and summer (except for today)
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