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Seriously? You can't tell the difference, except for the fact that you have 3 pairs of socks on?! I personally recommend against getting something that does not fit well just because it looks like a good deal. I have done this, and find that I tend not to wear my ill-fitting shoes, just like I don't wear my ill-fitting suits. Ultimately this makes for a bad investment.
Navy is fine, and lighter blue than navy is also fine, but you want to make sure the fabric has some texture to it. Glen plaid is not typically recommended for odd jackets. Make sure you choose something from a jacketing fabric book and not a suiting book.
Thanks for the suggestions, but I was really looking for something in the gray family, not navy. Also, 0516 is 9-10 ozI really wanted 0510, but they aren't making it anymore. Someone else recommended 0501. That is the way I am leaning right now
Does anyone have Minnis fresco 0500 (http://www.hfwltd.com/bobb.php?b=jjm&c=5&p=1) I think it looks like it would make a nice summer suit, but I'm not sure how representative that picture is. They call it light gray, but it looks barely lighter than what I consider mid-gray (though maybe my idea of mid gray is wrong)
I was under the impression these were frowned upon. My chinos are not cut like dress pants. They have a slightly lower rise and no crease. I do own a pair with a crease, but I don't wear them as I feel they are very strange, sort of like a sartorial abomination. Maybe I should get these out and try them again.
I'm not sure if I agree or not that burgundy derbies go with cream linen from a color perspective. I think the bigger issue is the seasonailty. Cream linen is a spring/summer pant, but burgundy derbies (especially clunky long wings) seem more fall/winter. I'm not sure if that is strictly true, but they do seem very far away from something as strongly summer as cream linen.
Do the groomsmen have alternatives to the black suits? They are not optimal for daytime.
I agree that they work well with navy and gray suits. I don't know that I would really care if they matched the shoes, but I think you would have to be wearing brown shoes and not black.   As for whether or not they are appropriate for work situations, I see no issue with it, but it could depend on your locale and formality of your work environment. I have a brown Macclesfield print and a brown grenadine that I wear with suits to work all the time.
I agree about Suit Supply's pants fitting a bit weird. I have a Jort and Napoli. For the Napoli (supposedly the loosest fit they have), I had to have the jacket taken in slightly, but the pants fit VERY snug. For the Jort, (supposedly slimmer than the Napoli), I had to have the jacket let out, but the fit on the pants was great. It doesn't make any sense to me.
The Rockefeller Center store is actually pretty big. It is one of the largest AE locations I've been to. There is even a shoe-shine stand there. There is one on 44th and Madison that is the size of a closet. Maybe that is the one you are thinking of?   I'm not sure getting a blucher to wear with a tuxedo is the best option. Unfortunately, I don't think AE really makes a suitable tuxedo shoe. Does it have to be AE?
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