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I disagree that this is an acceptable edit. It is such a departure; the vodka version does not even resemble the gin version.
For CT pricing, you can always do the 4 for $200, so $50 is standard (though you have to buy 4). However, there is almost always some sale for $40 each, no minimum. You just have to dig around for it. At one point, the Wall Street Journal had a $40/shirt coupon code. I'm not sure if that is a one-time thing or is always around.
Its going to be difficult to find fabric-covered buttons in the same fabric as the lapel facing.
Are these the shell boots from JCrew? I am considering buying the same pair.
If you find yourself in need of a speedy alterations tailor, you can use Bosco and Barraza bear 48th and Madison. They are expensive, but can do same-day alterations. Everything is done in-house
I tried on the Irish linen trousers and the country club saxxon pants, both plain front and Madison fit. The saxxon seemed to have a higher rise, or I was just wearing them incorrectly. Is it possible BB actually has different configurations for the same style of pant?
Last time I returned something to the shoe bank, they told me I had to pay for my own shipping
They will charge you shipping on returning seconds. They also may not have anymore of the model he wanted in your size. This is especially true for shell.
Regarding wholecuts, did the discontinued AE models have a back seam? I have seen pictures of wholecuts both and without a back seam. It seems like it would be much more difficult to construct the shoe without.
I don't really roll up my dress shirt sleeves anyway, so I don't care about gauntlet length. I do roll casual shirts, but then I don't care about a gauntlet button on those, or rather, I don't care about exposing what the gauntlet button covers up.
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