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I'm not sure I would be able to or want to wear the same shirt every day. I do favor blue or blue/white almost exclusively, so I like to try to add some patterns in the mix. Though, I admit, I often get into trouble in the "Good Taste" thread when wearing some kind of patterned shirt.
So are the Lombard, Presidio and Van Ness all part of the Executive Collection? I believe the Presidio is, but not sure about the others. Is the entire executive collection based on the 2-last?
If you are looking for something sleek and modern, then you shouldn't even be looking at the Alden LHS. I like this shoe a lot, but it is not modern. Some consider this a good thing; sleek loafers can be considered an oxymoron.   What color are you looking for? If you are considering burgundy, I recommend going with shell cordovan instead of calf. This will cost a fair bit extra though. Alden does the burgundy cordovan color better than most.
I'm with you except on points 4 and 5. For me at least, the sleeve placket button is helpful for keeping stray armhair from showing. If you don't have that problem, then I guess it isn't necessary. I find the lack of a front blacket to be odd looking, but that could just be because I am not used to seeing them.
This looks like the Executive Rubber Sole. I believe I have this on my Lombards and Presidios (though I don't have these anymore). These are both 2-last shoes. Not sure if there is any correlation there.They are a nice discreet rubber sole. They seem to be hard-wearing so far. They offer slightly more traction than a leather sole, but don't expect the traction of a mini-lug in snow
So I take it you definitely recommend getting the trousers unlined. What about the jacket? Do you have any unlined 8/9 oz fresco trousers? It's bad enough if the jacket is see-through, but I can't do see-through pants
This was a big help. Thanks for posting it. I was able to find something in the "dress" category at BB.
What about a lining on a 8.5 oz Fresco? It is for a summer suit, so I think it would be nice and cool, but I don't want the jacket to be see-through. I am debating going quarter or fully lined.
Whenever I end up at the outlet versions of department stores or at sample sales, the suits don't seem to be staples. That is great for someone looking for an oddball suit, but I guess I'm just not at that place in my wardrobe-building yet. Examples are a light-gray double-breasted RLBL suit, and a brown SB RLBL suit at a sample sale.   In the past, I have made similar mistakes as BB: buying a sale item take is almost, but not quite, what I am really looking for. I...
Here is an attempt at a knit tie with an odd jacket.  
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