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Are there any companies using hand welting? Are all bespoke shoes necessarily hand-welted?
So you are doing a Danite conversion on the Skyes? It seems like they are most of the way to being the Islay. Do you just like the chestnut color better?
I assumed you flipped it because I don't see the Strands offered in merlot at all.
I don't want to speak for him, but I think he got it backwards. I suspect he meant Strands in walnut and McAllister in merlot. These are very popular model/color combinations by SF standards.   I'm still not sure I recommend this configuration though. I still think you need at least one blucher instead of 2 balmorals, since you only wear suits 50% of the time. I also agree that 3 pairs of shoes are ideal, but you can get away with 2. I also think bourbon works better than...
I'm curious about this statement. Why are vintage models better quality? Being new to the "better" shoe scene, I don't know anything about the quality of shoes beyond one year ago. Has AE quality decreased? Is it something with the leather? This is not the first time I have heard this statement - I believe fritzl mentioned that vintage AEs had good quality leather, but I'm not clear what the difference is.
I have had good experiences with LS, but they offer a couple of lines. I suggest you get something half-canvassed (not sure if they offer fused or not). The Coppley RTW stuff is all half-canvassed, as is the Coppley MTM.
Shaken isn't a big issue for me personally. I know non-cloudy cocktails (basically those not made with some kind of citrus juice) are supposed to be stirred to conserve the clearness of the drink. However, your cloudy, shaken martini or manhattan will turn clear again in less than 5 minutes.
Don't get either of those shoes in black. Personally, for your situation, I would skip black altogether for now. For versatility with suits, you need a pair of dark brown shoes.   I would return the McAllister and get either the Strand or McAllister in bourbon (flashier) or dark brown (more conservative). Either choice is more conservative than the very flashy walnut. Walnut is nice, but not for your first or second pair of shoes to wear with suits.   I would get...
Amazon should only be carrying first-quality. Same with just about any retailer. Nordstrom Rack might have some second-quality shoes, but not all of them are seconds.   There are a few places to get the shoes discounted. Forum user allaboutshoes offers first-quality AE shoes at a discount, but does not accept returns, so you must know your size. Since you already have McAllisters, you should be good for any calf offering on the 5-last.
I see... I guess that is marginally better given how little vermouth people tend to put in their martinis anyway.
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