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I doubt it. Dress shirts tend not to have much extra fabric, unlike suits. Take a look at the side seams. If there is extra material, then sure, but it is unlikely.
I do the same thing you do. I only have the travel-sized ones. When I ask for edge dressing at any AE store, they always give me the travel-sized ones without me having to ask. I just assume they know they are better than the full size.
The issue with the tie isn't whether or not it is appropriate, it is whether or not it looks good. A tie without a jacket (or sweater or whetever) looks bad, so don't do it unless you plan on also wearing a sportcoat. Unless it is a requirement, I would avoid it. Since they specify that jeans are OK, I think you are fine with an OCBD and dressy chinos or wool pants and no tie.
The Madison cut is supposed to be their fullest, and is considered a regular cut. I can't comment on whether or not this has changed over the years.   They also offer trousers in Regent, Fitzgerald (I think) and Milano cuts (from fullest to slimmest).   I seriously doubt they are going the skinny route on their standard Madison trouser. They have a lot of "larger" customers who still need regular-fitting pants.
I'll second medium gray as the next suit. Nice alternatives are blue (not navy) birdseye or medium gray birdseye.
The jacket will be half or quarter-lined (not sure which, but upper back is covered either way). Even if someone can see through parts of the jacket a little in bright light, at least I am wearing a shirt underneath. I have seen this issue in a lot of photographs, but I suspect it is only due to the flash, and not actually transparent all the time. See-through trousers concern me though.
Your fabrics are all an ounce heavier than the one I got, as well as 2-ply vs "high twist"I'm leaning towards unlined as well, but I still have some doubts due to the fabric's transparency
Uniqlo had one last year that I picked up. Not sure if they still sell them.
I recieved my Minnis 8/9 oz fresco today (0500). I am planning on getting a half-lined suit made from it for summer with unlined trousers. I just hope that they aren't too transparent.  
Sorry about that, I found him:
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