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I know LS Men's has the Crispaire book as well as the H&S tropical weight book. I don't think they'll sell you the fabric though, unless they are making the suit for you.
The Minnis fresco I just got is rather refined looking, at least to me
Crispaire is a fresco, isn't it?
Look for suits with sweat guards. Tropical weight is also a good suggestion. Look for half or quarter lined jackets too. You can have the lining removed from the pants by a tailor. I have started wearing Uniqlo AIRism undershirts. They are supposed to keep you cooler than a typical cotton undershirt. I recommend getting 1or 2 and trying them out before buying enough for regular rotation.
I am trying to figure out this same thing right now. I am getting 2 suits: one in a Holland and Sherry 7.5 tropical weight wool (dark blue), the other in a Minnis 8.5 oz fresco in light gray. Both jackets are both quarter/half lined, and the trousers both half-lined to the knee in the front only. I am still not 100% on this last bit, but I can easily get the lining removed if it proves to be too hot. I am going to have to see which one proves to be better in the extreme...
Agreed on this one. It still shocks me that people even do it. I thought everyone knew this.
Jackets without pocket squares?
What about black shoes with any kind of tan pants? And clunky loafers with suits
Are you talking about the TM Lewin Fully Fitted? For 16 neck anyway, the TM Lewin is slimmer than BB ESF and CT ESF. I know below 16, BB ESF start getting slimmer than the equivalent CT neck size, but I'd be surprised if they got so much slimmer that they were slimmer than TM Lewin.
Is the ball of the foot in the proper place (the widest part of the shoe? Does your heel slip at all?
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