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I've been to the NYC store several times, and they have always been helpful. Granted, I was looking for a specific shoe each time. I agree you should go back and try the shoes on. It is mind-boggling that a sales associate would refer you to the website regarding fit when they have actual shoes to try on in the store.
Be careful with the sleeves on CT jackets though. They have working button holes, so if you have to shorten them too much, you will run into the button holes
I suspect it isn't true MTM. Their MTM stuff is supposed to be fully-canvassed, which puts it up with the Jort/LaSpalla at least.
They told me MTM starts at 1200 (or was it 1500) and typically goes up to over 2k depending on options.
I tried calling the MD store. Unfortunately, there is no way to get it to me. They can only ship warehouse to store. There is no way they can ship store to person or store to store. You would need a proxy.
I was under the impression that getting belt loops removed was rather straight-forward, though I admit, I have never had it done. Is it expensive?
According to their website, and to a sales associate I spoke to, the Extra Slim Fit for 2013 is a touch slimmer than the 2012 version.
I think this is more common than you think, especially at weddings. I agree that non-black bow ties worn with tuxedos should be on the list of crimes.
If you have a slim/athletic build, check out Suit Supply. You can get their fully-canvassed model for right at 1k. Otherwise there isn't much to recommend. Many of the stores are going to be out of the 1k price range. You could always try J Press, but I believe S Cohen makes their suits. Brooks Brothers would be in your range, but not exactly NYC exclusive. There are a couple of MTM places that will come in around 1k.
What weight is that blue? It looks very nice.
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