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I recieved my Minnis 8/9 oz fresco today (0500). I am planning on getting a half-lined suit made from it for summer with unlined trousers. I just hope that they aren't too transparent.  
Sorry about that, I found him: http://www.styleforum.net/t/243159/when-is-the-next-brooks-brothers-sale/3870#post_6219560
Are you the one who wears 3 pairs of socks when buying shoes on sale but in the wrong size? If so, it is a good thing you got this extra pair of socks. If not, then I know someone who would be interested in this promotion
I just picked up a navy linen jacket at Brooks Brothers. They also had the same jacket in tan (very light, almost cream). I loved the jacket, but I can't figure out what color trousers to wear it with. It is too close in color to pair with light stone-colored chinos. I suppose it would look good with jeans, but I can't wear them to work.   Holdfast's original images are no longer available. Does anyone have any pictures of good pairings with a very light tan jacket?...
The description mentions a "floatnig chest piece" so I assume that means half-canvassed.
I'm not sure when the 30% off sale starts, but I don't recall any 40% off sales, except maybe just after Christmas. Since you will be buying 2 suits, it isn't a bad idea to sign up for the BB credit card. You get 15% off on your first purchase. This is the only discount that stacks with the other discounts.
What would be a good trouser to match a light-colored linen jacket (like this one: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Madison-Fit-Two-Button-Linen-Sport-Coat/MM00194,default,pd.html?dwvar_MM00194_Color=LTBR&contentpos=1&cgid=0217 )   Or am I headed in the wrong direction by even considering this color?
Does anyone have one of the 100% linen jackets from BB? I am considering getting one for summer, and am wondering if they are decent. At $336 (25% off), they seem like a good deal right now.
Re: TM Lewin.   Their slimmest fit is still slimmer than both Brooks Brothers ESF and CT ESF. I own (or did own) the slimmest-fitting shirts from all 3 makers in 16/33. The BB was the roomiest fit, followed by CT. I couldn't even button the TM Lewin and had to return it.
This is an odd jacket with gray trousers:  
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