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I assume this is related to the recent thread where Foo argued against center vents on a tuxedo, only to be vehemently opposed by a few posters. I guess this is his version of Manton's "It's all relative, wear what you want" thread.
I still think it looks bad to match. I guess the contrast collar can distract the viewer from the mismatch. But why bother doing this? The simple solution is to wear a white linen or cream silk pocket square, which will presumably not match the tie.
A matchy pocket square is the first thing you aren't supposed to do when wearing one. He would be better off without one altogether than the one in the pic.
Get a tailor to sew the vent closed, and tuck the pocket flaps in
^re: closed-toed shoes, that is pretty much a given for men. I'm not sure how I feel about the tie. I would probably not wear it. To me it is almost the same as a tie without a jacket/sweater, which is a look that should be avoided. I'm not sure the lab coat is enough.
I suppose getting the larger size is the way to go. Try a heel or tongue pad on the right shoe.The other option is to return them and use their MTO option. You can pick from several models, pick pretty much any color they offer, but most importantly, you can pick different sizes for the left and right shoes. There is a premium charge for this service.
You can get a MTM suit there as well.
Sent you a pm
Regarding the purple, I think a brown-based pocket square would work, but I am going to agree with the above poster and recommend a different shirt or tie (a light blue shirt is a safe choice).
I've been to the NYC store several times, and they have always been helpful. Granted, I was looking for a specific shoe each time. I agree you should go back and try the shoes on. It is mind-boggling that a sales associate would refer you to the website regarding fit when they have actual shoes to try on in the store.
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