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Exactly the same experience with me
Due to the crappy weather in NYC, I want to go more casual tomorrow. However, my company dress code requires a tie. The best I would be able to do here is a tie with a sweater. Does anyone do this? Is it even "correct"? What kind of tie would one typically wear this way?   For reference, I will be wearing corduroys, button-down and a wool pull-over sweater.
No problem. Sometimes the different pieces of shell on the same shoe aren't a perfect match
This really depends on the build of the person wearing the suit.
Well, wear what you like, but if you are going for a conservative interview suit, the Sienna isn't the optimal choice. If someone only owned one suit and it had a ticket pocket, I wouldn't tell that person to go buy a new suit just for that. However, the poster hadn't bought anything yet, so I stand by my suggestion to get something more conservative as a first/second suit.
I'm not sure why you consider navy more appropriate for interviews, etc. charcoal and navy are equally appropriate.As for the 2 suits above, if you are looking for a basic interview etc suit, I would avoid the Sienna due to the ticket pocket.
I have the Islay, and it works well enough in bad weather. From a functional standpoint, the Snowdon has a better sole, but it doesn't look very discreet. Both have speed hooks that will shred the hemming thread on your dressier pants.
Full brogue = wing tipA half brogue is a cap toe shoe with a medallion on the toe cap (like AE Strand)A quarter brogue is a punch cap with broging around the lace area as well, and possibly on the back of the shoe. I believe the C&J Westbourne is a quarter brogue, though I've seen it classified as an Adelaide. I'm not clear what the difference is or if the categories overlap at all.
That's great, thanks for that info. I will definitely check them out in person then.
It's very hard to say. For some people, there is just no good fit in the 2 last.I typically wear a 9.5D. In the 5 last, I wear a 9.5E. So I tried the same in the 2 last, but my heel slipped and the forefoot crushed my toes. For my next 2 last shoe, I went with a 10D. It is roomy, but doesn't crush my feet at least. I suggest avoiding 2 last loafers.
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