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What about the MacNeil? Or did you mean a shortwing?
 I don't think it is as wide as the Barrie last. For reference, I typically wear a 9.5D US and an 8.5E UK in C&J, and 9D in Alden Barrie last. I have a pair of 9.5C BB peal monkstraps. I probably would have gone with the standard 9.5D, but I had some heel slip due to the shoe being a monkstrap, so I had to go down 1 width.As for comparison to the 5 last (I assume you mean Allen Edmonds 5 last?), it is definitely not as narrow. I would never fit in a 9.5C in the AE 5 last....
The fit is close, though I think the 348 is a little tighter across the instep than the 341.
I have a few CT poplins. I always wear an undershirt with them, but I generally think they are fine. Poplin is supposed to be the finest, smoothest shirt fabric, and are inherently thin. It doesn't mean they are poor quality. As for the blue color, I did find a very pale blue poplin about a year ago. I love this shirt and would like to get more, but I haven't seen CT make anything in this color recently.
The U-throat semi brogue is also on the 341.
Same experience here. Also, my Napoli pants are drop 7 as opposed to my La Spalla and Lazio. The waist on the Napoli was just right (if not slightly snug) for me. On the La Spalla and Lazio, I had to have the waist taken in 1 inch or so.
The Havana is the fullest? I've seen it ranked as the slimmest before...
I may be in the minority here, but I think these are too formal for chinos. I would probably only where them with a suit.
That hasn't been my experience. I wear a 16 BB ESF, and on me, it was slimmer than the CT 16 slim in the chest and waist. The CT extra slim (aka tailored fit) is slimmer still (in a 16)Edit: ignore this. You were taking about BB slim not extra slim
 I'll vote no. They should be for fall/winter.
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