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Where are you from? I'm asking because black suits are the norm in some places and not others. Most people on this board are against black suits. What about a pattern or something in brown?
Why do you want a black suit?
Just get the buttons sewn on. You'll be fine without the fake holes.
^Agreed about Danite. It's better than leather, but I slid all over the sidewalk in my Islays this winter. Made me wish I had Snowdons with a commando sole.
I've always had good experiences in NYC: twice with Kevin, and two other times with people whose names I don't recall.
In theory, it does not matter. You should not be exposing your braces anyway, as you should keep your jacket on.
 Yeah, my Napoli pants are extremely slim. For the La Spalla and Lazio models, I had to have them taken in at the waist and seat. The Napoli were just right at the waist, but the thighs are so tight that I feel like I will rip them open just by sitting down. That, along with the jacket being too roomy, make the Napoli the most oddly-proportioned suit (at least in my mind).
^ageed, though if the OP is wearing these shirts every day, he will need more than 7 to start with. I'd say you'll need 14 so that you have some to wear while the others get cleaned. Also, I'd skip the extra pants right now. As others have said, there is a chance that, in 6 months or so, as you've gone through the process, you won't like anything you bought at the beginning. I'd minimize the investment and stick with 1 pair of pants per suit.
I've always thought of Birdseye as a suiting fabric.
There is no reason not to wear that suit. The gorge is fine, regardless of your age. If the fifth sleeve button bothers you, get it removed (assuming non-working buttonholes)
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