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They are both gray odd trousers and serve similar functions. Flannels are good for fall/winter, but I wouldn't wear them in the spring. The nice thing about flannel is that it has a contrasting texture with a plain navy blazer. Gabardine, not so much, but those pants will still be fine with odd jackets.
I doubt the loud jacket is what caused the poster to get criticized in the good taste thread. They generally like loud odd jackets over there.Could be the fact that it is a gray odd jacket paired with what appears to be navy odd trousers (or maybe they are black?).
Doesn't look like it. They look like gabardine.
I think black ties can work in some cases
He doesn't even have a job yet, so has no idea if he even needs suits for work. He will need one for interviews though.
Some manufacturers do and some don't. The one MTM place I use does the working buttonholes by a 3rd party after the fact. The suit that comes from the factory does not have them.
I agree you should just get a suit. You won't end up with a high quality blazer for $300 anyway. If you do go the navy blazer route, don't try to pretend you have a suit by wearing navy pants. Wear something contrasting, like mid gray.
In a size 16, the CT ESF is slimmer than the BB. Below 16, I'm not sure if that is still true. They are close though, but if the BB is snug on you, I would probably skip the CT.
I think they are nice shoes, but they are definitely suit shoes to me. They are very sleek and have very little brogueing.
Does the character of Saul Goodman qualify?
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