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The sleeves look a little long, and possibly your shirt sleeves are too short. The pants are way too long, but I assume you already knew that. The jacket also pulls a little in the front, suggesting it might be a little tight.
Don't ever wear driving loafers with a suit. On second thought, don't wear driving loafers unless diving a car.
I think the brogued Chelsea boot looks strange. I would go with laces.
^Sizing down isn't going to help you. It might be a little shorter, but it won't fit you well in other areas. You can always due Kent Wang MTM if you want a different length. I'm not sure there is anything wrong with the shoulders on that suit either. How much past your shoulder bone does the padding go? Or do you mean that you prefer a softer shoulder? Also, that suit looks a little snug on you, so definitely don't size down.
Yeah, like for the OP, who is the one we are trying to advise.
Generally, for evening, black shoes and a white shirt are the way to go. You can get away with dark brown shoes as well, if you are opposed to black. Either a mid-to-dark gray or navy suit is fine. I would go with a dark tie of some sort (base color of burgundy, navy, etc).
I did half lined jacket and the default on the pants. I did nothing special with the canvassing, but the fabric is very light gray.I think I paid $750 to Kent alone, plus fabric ($280 or so) and shipping. So it isn't cheap.
I did a CMT with a Minnis fresco. Once I got the fabric, I just had to ship it to China, which adds about $65 to the cost (plus the cost of fabric). It turned out fine.
Throw4five, if the sales guy said the Lazio would fit with minimal alterations, I would go back and give it another try. The Washington is very slim in the chest and arms (I can't even get my arms all the way in), so you ended up sizing up. The Lazio in your usual size might work better. The chest and arms are roomier than the Washington. Since you wouldn't be sizing up, the body might already be slimmer than the one-size-larger Washington.
Mid to light gray pants would work. You can get away with a lot of shirt options. Light blue or light blue/white pattern would work.
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