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 To be fair, everyone is standing still posing for a photo. I would bet that, with a lot of those outfits, the shirt would be visible under the button from time to time as the person moved.I'm all for skipping a cummerbund of that means you will never show the white triangle under the button. At that point, I guess it doesn't matter. However, I doubt that most tuxedos (even ones that fit well) would be able to completely conceal the white triangle once the wearer starts...
So you think exposing a white triangle under your jacket is "a look"? And you like it?
I'm really not sure what everyone means by the "no cummerbund" look. It isn't a look. If you wear it properly, it prevents the white triangle appearing from under the jacket button. You don't wear a cummerbund to show it off.
I'm shocked that your pants are too long on a Suit Supply suit. Usually they try to talk you into showing an inch of sock. I recommend getting them hemmed with just a slight break in the front. Have them angle the hem so that it is longer in the back and covers your socks and a little of the shoe as well.
I agree about the shirt. I made this mistake quite a bit when I first started posting in this thread. I had a lot of these kinds of shirts that were really never meant to be worn with a jacket.
 Sure, but if you go darker, go dark bown. Don't mix black, tan and navy.
However you feel about tan shoes with navy suits, a black belt is the wrong answer. At least do dark brown.
They carry plenty of longs and shorts, at least in the nyc stores .
The Polo shirts with the giant logo are available in the US also.
The cut looks pretty good, but they might need to let it out slightly to eliminate the pulling. It would help if you could provide a picture if the back with the jacket buttoned.As for the sleeves, you want to show about one quarter to one half inch of shirt cuff with your arms at your sides.For the pant length, I prefer the front to just slightly rest in the shoe. Then they can angle the hem downwards towards the back to cover any exposed sock, and so the pant leg just...
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