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 Why not just use your normal alterations tailor? The alterations aren't free, nor are they particularly cheap.
Does anyone know if the Roma is half-canvassed, and how the fit compares to the Lazio or LaSpalla?
For those with 10 or more, do you have a bunch of year-round suits, or do you try for a more seasonal wardrobe?
That's one of my main complaints about them as well. They have so many French cuff shirts. CT at offers all shirts in barrel cuff.
JAB sells OTR tropical wool trousers with a bit of texture. Not sure if they are technically hopsack or not
 A Burgundy silk square works well with a cream dinner jacket. As for waist covering, a black cummerbund that matches what is presumably black silk on the trousers should work well.
I tried combining in-store, but they wouldn't allow it.
     I doubt it - there is a scuff on the toe that looks familiar, and there are lace marks across the tongue. Also, it is a discontinued model, so I don't know that they have any sitting around.
 I sent them in initially due to a sole that was breaking apart. They did the recraft for free since the bottoms showed know wear.I took them into the store, and they are stretching them out. I'll give it a few days and try them again. I only paid like $150 for these on closeout, so I don't feel like I can push this too hard.
I just tried out the Quentins I got back from recrafting due to a faulty sole. Unfortunately, they don't fit anymore. The V in the laces is much larger than before I sent them in, and the one shoe is so tight it was cutting off circulation in the forefot after only 5 minutes. On the same shoe, the heel was so wide it was slipping.   I don't think this is a break-in issue, as they were basically brand new. I only wore them 3 times.   Has anyone else experienced issues...
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