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Also in snuff suede. I think everything on the 2 last is discontinued.
It should. The credit card is pretty much the only discount that is compatible with all other discounts.
 buchoelbrusco, you should probably not take any of the advice this poster is offering.
 I'm confused as well. I own a Peal monk strap in 9.5C. They had C, D and I believe E widths available in-store to try on.
You might have better luck trying "slim" cut suits. Check out Suit Supply (there is a dedicated thread) or try made-to-measure.
I'm with you. The Napoli seems to be for people with (relatively) large mid-sections but skinny legs. It is the only suit I have ever tried where the jacket had to come in around the waist, and the pants had to be let out. The most generous cut really shouldn't be a drop 7.
 Does C&J replace insoles during a recraft? Some makers don't.As for them accepting the shoes, I see no reason why C&J would care if had a topy on the sole. They are going to remove the whole thing anyway.
I've done this before. Print out the page of the website that shows the details of the deal, and bring it in.
Isn't the Player shoe discontinued?
 I believe the handgrades are about $900. You could also do Brooks Brothers. They have a few C&J models under the Peal name (as well as some Alfred Sargent). They typically run about $600-$650, but it is much easier to get discounts on BB stuff with all the sales and corporate discounts.
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