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This is a tough color to pair given that it is gray. Which picture is more representative of the darkness of the color, the first (very light) or last (very dark)? If it is closer to the last, then you can probably get away with light gray pants, but I would probably go with light brown (tan) to get a tonal difference as well. If it is lighter than the last pic, then I'm not sure what to pair it with. Maybe not-quite-navy blue?
Charles Tyrwhitt has one that is 3/4 length. It also has a ticket pocket, not sure if that bothers you.
The Park Ave is more formal than the Kenilworth.
Tough to say, at least for me. I take an 8.5E for both the 348 and 365. I don't get heel slip in either. I do seem to have a bit more room in the forefoot in the 365. However, since the Islay is a boot, it is tough to say if I don't get heel slip because the heel is still snug or because it is a boot, and the lacing can be done up much tighter.
I finally got my Roma suit from the outlet. In terms of fit, the jacket is similar to the Napoli, though with a lower buttoning point. It looks high in the pictures, but I suspect that is mostly because the jacket is extremely long. I got a 42S, and this jacket is longer than some of my 42reg from other lines, like Brooks Regent and Coppley. The good news is the pants fit as expected, instead of being super-skinny like the Napoli, and I believe a drop-6 vs a drop-7.
While just trying on a suit in the store, the salesman cut the vent threads, so I'd say you're fine
I just picked up a pair of Edgeware in dark brown. I was in need of another pair of dark brown oxfords for wear with suits and was torn between the Edgeware and Westfield. I ultimately went with the Edgeware because it was a bit more unique than most other oxfords out there. The plain toe, however, might show creasing more than a captoe.
 I suppose some of that depends on the contrast level of the OPs complexion. Also, some of these contrast issues are mitigated at night, due to low lighting.
 But why is a blue shirt better? He is wearing a very "city" outfit, at night, so a white shirt works perfectly in that context.
 That's an odd jacket I assume? I think the top half looks great. Do you have any full-length pics? I am curious what color trousers you wore with this.
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