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They deliver on Saturdays instead of Mondays.
Wait, you want them to taper the pants even more than they already are? SS pants already have a very narrow leg opening.
Socks with loafers are perfectly fine. If you are wearing them with long pants in a non-tropical setting, they are certainly preferred. Those loafers specifically seem to be a bit more on the formal side (looks like a low profile leather sole, no contrast stitching). If you wear a more casual pair with shorts, then skip the socks. For sock color, it really depends on the color of your pants.
I work in Manhattan also. The walks can be brutal some days. In addition to cotton, you could try tropical weight wool. I have a suit made in Holland and Sherry Crispaire that is 7.5 oz and unlined. It is probably the coolest-wearing suit I own. On the way home, I would loosen the tie and open the top shirt button. There seems to be some debate over undershirts. I am in the camp that believes they help. I have a bunch of Uniqlo Airism shirts that are supposedly designed...
As for shoes with shorts, I have a hard time figuring this out. So far I have come up with Allen Edmonds Sanibel and Preston. Any other recommendations?
I think you are better off getting 2 pairs. One for casual suits/sport coats/chinos, and a completely different pair for shorts.
There is no one shoe that does everything well. I can't think of a single shoe that works well with a suit or with shorts. Really though, why would there be? These looks are at the extreme ends of the formality spectrum.
I wouldn't wearing straps with shorts
 I agree. Even if your jacket looks good unbuttoned, it will look even better buttoned.
 To be fair, everyone is standing still posing for a photo. I would bet that, with a lot of those outfits, the shirt would be visible under the button from time to time as the person moved.I'm all for skipping a cummerbund of that means you will never show the white triangle under the button. At that point, I guess it doesn't matter. However, I doubt that most tuxedos (even ones that fit well) would be able to completely conceal the white triangle once the wearer starts...
New Posts  All Forums: