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I didn't realize I was in a race to buy jeans and boots. Settle down now.
I just ordered a pair of  RW 8131s in size 5.5D and going by the size chart on the RW site a 5.5 is around 23.5cm but when I asked a seller on ebay to send me the length of the sole and insole he came back with 11" which is 28cm. Does this seem right? I already wasted money buying a pair of Wolverine 1000 miles that were WAY too big, and need to try to sell, and the Wolverine's are just maybe a cm bigger than 11" (women's size 9).
Bay Area resident, kickin' around college. Joined to become more informed and knowledgeable, as well as possibly using the classifieds as a (better?) alternative to craigslist.
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