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Same. Was gonna unsubscribe but ill keep an eye out for limited runs (helmet bag etc)
Ttoj or bust
That's the one I was talking about.
It goes without saying, but it's not easy to go out and find something similar so it's a shame it won't happen.Ed- by not easy I mean near impossible. I saw one other leather helmet bag by I forget who and it wasn't half as nice.
Still shocked the helmet bag won't happen. Guys speak now or forever hold your peace.
id also like to know what's on offer before I put in an order
More concerned with stock measurements than color. Tan, med grey and blue are all good.
Sucks, I thought there were a lot of people interested when you posted a while back, maybe just a vocal few. Oh well.
Still really hoping for a helmet bag. If Harrington is lamb suede, might be interested depending on color.
That "rotation" line of reasoning made me pick up two pairs of shoes that I definitely could have lived without. It makes sense, but take your time.
New Posts  All Forums: