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Looking for tan suede bball in 48/50 or chesterfield in cracked pepper or grey S/M. Have a 48 black black toj0 I could trade if interested but looking to buy straight up otherwise.
Like mgd83 said, Commando soles aren't worth shit in the snow/ice either, but I would be annoyed all the same.
what polish (if any) do you use on them? I'd love to see my pair become a similar shade.
Looking to trade a brand new black/black 48 toj0 for a tan bball same size, or buy one.
You guys should consider Simpson for Chelsea's, fit is more forgiving than balmorals instep wise and they are sharp as hell. I think my black calf ones are my fav pair of boots
Is the glenkaren cleaner/conditioner and paste wax good for cordovan, or should I stick with Reno? I've got both right now
Sesell your spot at least, would save somebody 40 weeks.
Same. Was gonna unsubscribe but ill keep an eye out for limited runs (helmet bag etc)
Ttoj or bust
That's the one I was talking about.
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