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Thanks for the information!
Can I safely assume a rain balmoral boot will maybe have a bit more instep room than a rain bal shoe in the same size? The laces don't close up completely on my rain 922 and im wondering if I'll be ok in the same size for a U Boot.
I am very interested in the museum u wing boot. No real sole preference.
Wleg opening?
So this +j collection will be online sometime in the fall on the us site? Link wasn't clear. I'd grab a few things for sure.
My vote goes to uniqlo supima, those are the best in terms of fit/feel for the price. I also like the kirkland ones but they don't offer them in S.
How much will my PS shrink if i do a cold soak? I want to get them tapered a bit below the knee but I'm wondering if I should wait till I do a soak first to see if it's still necessary.
If he's talking about the gas mask pocket, none of those monstrous android phones will fit, if they do they'll fuck it up I would imagine
My lamb ma-1 isn't paper thin, but it's definitelythinner than my dr I bought the year before. I'd say the thinner lamb is more appropriate for that style of jacket.
I might be interested in a boot on simpson depending on the makeup. I really like the choc brown 5 eyelet chukka that was made a while ago, already have a chelsea on simpson though so I wouldn't be in for that.
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