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Hmm I'll be in japan in october, hopefully they'll have stock when i go.
Just scored a pair, it's live:
Damn, tried them and they were all out of my size on friday. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a shot at some point.
Where'd you score the sfb's?
Yeah, hopefully I'll get a shot through mr porter or something, not in the us at the moment though I'd get it shipped there.
Thanks Nike for giving the unemployed eBay scum of the world supplemental incomes, too bad I couldn't buy a pair to legit wear. Would have been nice since my flyknit trainers are worn through the soles but everything Nike releases in a non-whack colorway has to be extremely limited for some brilliant marketing reason I can't comprehend.
The web store blows, they can't even keep t shirts in stock let alone anything else. Wanted to grab the flannel pants to complete a +j suit, of course it sold out instantly.
Ok so I check at 8am and nothing. When it finally goes up on ndc around 1 it insta sold out and I was f5ing like crazy for 30min because I was stuck on a phone call. Every time my size flashed up it was gone before I clicked add to cart. I have no idea who has the time or patience for this shit, but I will never try that again, that's for sure.
What's the end link? Looking for white
Tried and failed on copping, people have no fucking lives I swear.
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