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If anyone out there in NMWA land is looking to trade a FW16 Geller Garment Dyed Bomber in Charcoal in 48 for my 46, give me a shout!
Hey @gdl203 will you guys be carrying the Charcoal Pin Cord Hunting Jacket in-stock FW17 or is it just available pre-order now? Thanks!
@conceptual 4est sorry for what is probably a newbie question, but is Rota MTO available year-round with NMWA or just during these pre-order events? Thanks!
Any of the fellas able to give a heads up on the makeups in SS Buttero drop? Particularly, anything in canvas or linen?
Thanks @conceptual 4est !
Looking for some help with sizing Inis Meain and Jamieson's sweaters, haven't tried either before.  Generally a standard Medium for most brands, 6'0" 170 lbs, broader shoulders, chest roughly measures 38-39" ish.   In other NMWA brands that fit well I have some Leder pieces in Medium, Merz henleys in Large (6), Eidos raglan coat in 38.     Any help appreciated!
What color scarf do you guys think would work best with the Eidos Grey/Taupe Raglan Coat? Thinking something tonal in a gray or neutral. Any suggestions?
Thanks for the info!
@Mr. Six this is such a clean look, well done.  Mind sharing details on the shirt, pants, and shoes?
Thanks @gdl203 ! Based on this I think the Eidos might be a bit easier or natural to wear casually over a sweater or some layering.  Appreciate the help.
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