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Thanks for the info!
@Mr. Six this is such a clean look, well done.  Mind sharing details on the shirt, pants, and shoes?
Thanks @gdl203 ! Based on this I think the Eidos might be a bit easier or natural to wear casually over a sweater or some layering.  Appreciate the help.
Can't decide between the Kaptain Sunshine Melton Traveller or the Eidos Herringbone Raglan coat for casual wear with sweaters and denim. Anyone know if these are both of relatively similar weight? 
Incredible! I had been meaning to say, really enjoying the more styled, full outfit product photos lately.  Really helps get a better feel for the items.   ...And of course the NMWA team's take on how to wear with other shop items is superb, really drives home the overall aesthetic of the shop. Very inspiring.   My suggestion, keep 'em coming!
@gdl203 unfortunately, I did not get this pair from you guys.  Would be happy to pay for them though, if that's a possibility.
Anyone know where I can get replacement laces for my Tanino Cuoios that doesn't cost $40?   http://www.buttero.it/en/LEATHER-LACES.html?RwDet=true&articoli_ID=398&language=1
@conceptual 4est 30 or 31 would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Apologies if this has been covered in the past, but can someone please provide thigh measurements for the Big John regular straight cut?
Can anyone help with Wilshire sizing? Thinking they may be a bit slim for me but want to give the eggshells a shot.  For reference I'm a 32 in Rudy fit.  Was thinking of sizing up to a 34. 
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