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Their original review is even better:The seat is wide and squishy, the closest I have ever come to pedaling an office chair. The low-slung frame means ladies and select gentleman can don their most lavish ball gowns and not worry about tulle getting tangled in the spokes.
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re CitiBike does the 30-minute ride limit mean you can check out a bike, ride 25 minutes, check the bike in at a nearby station, then immediately check it out again?
So what's the story on Brooklyn Night Bazaar? Supposedly they're doing a Spring/Summer series starting tonight but their own website doesn't have any information.
I have a Kamakura slim fit in a pattern and the darts in the back are a bit odd, especially for wearing without a jacket. Great quality but just wanted to point that out. May be less of an issue on a white OCBD.
Exchange it for the Gatsby one. That is as close to "the classic OCBD" as BB makes these days, and it's made in the US.
Is there a green light at the end of their dock?
The one Manhattan block without scaffolding to keep you dry?
It came Sat & Sun when the forecasts said 10-20% chance As I had packed for the forecast I ended up wearing my wife's (thankfully unisex but rather snug on me) rain hoodie. With the hipster fit I looked right at home on Smith Street near Epaulet, 'tho my pained expression due to the precipitation was genuine rather than affected. Surely the true hipsters tagged me as an outsider.
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