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Their original review is even better:The seat is wide and squishy, the closest I have ever come to pedaling an office chair. The low-slung frame means ladies and select gentleman can don their most lavish ball gowns and not worry about tulle getting tangled in the spokes.
Good point.. the "modern superior society" employed the guy in a role that's been functionally irrelevant since the 19th century.However his family said that “All he wanted to do from when he was a little boy, was be in the Army.”
There goes your inferiority complex again. I mention MJ to provide an age reference and you feel compelled to take a shot at him.
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re CitiBike does the 30-minute ride limit mean you can check out a bike, ride 25 minutes, check the bike in at a nearby station, then immediately check it out again?
So what's the story on Brooklyn Night Bazaar? Supposedly they're doing a Spring/Summer series starting tonight but their own website doesn't have any information.
European slaves captured by Barbary pirates: 1.25 millionAfrican slaves captured by Europeans: 12 millionBTW, the Barbary piracies ended in 1830, so it's not like WWI had anything to do with pirates and slaves. But you knew that.PS:The first slaveowner in the mainland Thirteen Colonies was Anthony Johnson, a black man
Ya know, Lighty, I just figured out something about you. You are a true communist/collectivist. You find it absolutely impossible to view a person as an individual. You talk about "superior societies" and "Alinskyites", and in the single sentence here you've thrown me - inaccurately - into about seven such groups. I suspect this is because you have incredibly low self-esteem and need to identify with a "pack" or "clique" to feel that you have any value.I'm not sure...
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