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I want (to see) all of your sneakers.
Okay if I do get Ann's then probably the gradient ones. I'd love the same model in all black, but the only all black ones they have are higher and I don't think I can pull those off.   What do you guys think of the other two? Thanks for the advice everyone.
Finally some advice :)   You're right about the black ann d's, but they don't exist I believe. These with the eyelets do, but I'd rather have them with the new sole/without eyelets, what do you think?: About the balmains. I didn't really like them from the pics either, but when I tried them on I really did.. What do you think of them in the second pic?:    
I'm seriously considering all of these. Tried on both of the sneakers yesterday and fell in love with them, couldn't try the jacket though. Strap on the first pair is detachable btw. Thoughts?      
->   I thought about buying it too, but it's probably a bit too big for me. Nice jacket.
Rick Owens High Top Sneakers from FW2012. They were never worn out, just tried on a few times inside. Shoes come with everything originally included.   Size: EU 43, fits 43.5 too IMO.   Retail is USD $1'200. They're yours for $699 shipped worldwide. If you're located in Europe let me know before payment (about 10-20$ less)   Pictures are from MrPorter: If you want me to take a picture of my own let me know. But...
  Fuck off already.
FS: BNIB RO Dunks   No really, thanks guys, I'm glad I didn't wear them.
I didn't actually wear these shoes out, but I was just wondering what you guys thought of them since I can't tell whether they look horrible or not.  
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