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  Looks like RO.
Lanvin sponge effect. I really need better lighting..  
I like the dries and ro ones, thisisblex.
@snow: Yeah it's definitely the location, I thought you were like 6' lol.. I'm 5'9 btw..   edit: I bought this drkshdw sweatshirt, and there's this really long strap or whatever inside. which is only attached at one end, does anyone know what the hell to do with it?
I really like your fit snow.   May I ask how tall you are, just out of interest? From some of your past photos I thought you were really tall, but in the recent ones you look way shorter in contrast. Might just be me though.
  The cotton or leather one and where is it nearly sold out?
I want (to see) all of your sneakers.
Okay if I do get Ann's then probably the gradient ones. I'd love the same model in all black, but the only all black ones they have are higher and I don't think I can pull those off.   What do you guys think of the other two? Thanks for the advice everyone.
Finally some advice :)   You're right about the black ann d's, but they don't exist I believe. These with the eyelets do, but I'd rather have them with the new sole/without eyelets, what do you think?: About the balmains. I didn't really like them from the pics either, but when I tried them on I really did.. What do you think of them in the second pic?:    
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