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sorry, the full shot sucked  
  nice! dat ann..   what pants?
I have one other l/s from va. it's really wonderful, great details, fabric and cut.
julius and viridi anne   neither were bought new, apparently excellent condition..
Didn't really like them on me, someone else is happy with them ^^ The only rick dunks I want are from '10 or '11 or whatever and I can't find them anywhere in my size :/
I think what I usually wear would go fine with the pants, though I'm still trying to find more pieces of that aesthetic.   The reason I'm hesitant is because idk how if sneakers would look good with them.. and which sneakers. all fit pics are with boots.   pants are julius
yes, no?    
This thread has been horrible recently.
  Reverse image search: It's Zara..
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