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  It's more the shape, but I do like the destroyed leather.     Thanks, 44 would be great. Leaning towards the nylon as well.
Sorry, this is all dick shit.   The price is insane, but for some reason it's the only bomber I like. Should I get the first one or put down an extra 500 for the leather one or don't get either?     Also, I'm desperately looking for nice combat boots. I like these, but they're from a couple years back.. Any suggestions for similar ones which I can buy now?:      
I think they're hideous. But to each his own, enjoy them.
Will post my own pics once it arrives. _7  
That rug is much nicer than I initially though.   Edit:  
Damn I ordered that tee and it was too fucking small. Looks good.
What does he do, if I may ask?
That's pretty cool. Is that a VA hoodie you're wearing?
  I'm wearing a hoodie there. It's a size M and fits me well even though I'm an S.     As Bam said the jackets fit slim. Though I wouldn't recommend sizing up.
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