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Sorry, this is all dick shit.   The price is insane, but for some reason it's the only bomber I like. Should I get the first one or put down an extra 500 for the leather one or don't get either?     Also, I'm desperately looking for nice combat boots. I like these, but they're from a couple years back.. Any suggestions for similar ones which I can buy now?:      
I think they're hideous. But to each his own, enjoy them.
Will post my own pics once it arrives. _7  
That rug is much nicer than I initially though.   Edit:  
Damn I ordered that tee and it was too fucking small. Looks good.
What does he do, if I may ask?
That's pretty cool. Is that a VA hoodie you're wearing?
  I'm wearing a hoodie there. It's a size M and fits me well even though I'm an S.     As Bam said the jackets fit slim. Though I wouldn't recommend sizing up.
  Thanks everyone. It's Drkshdw.
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