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I tried on a couple looser pants here in paris, even slight drop crotch ones, but didn't find any I like yet. They do make my shoes look more 'normal' sized though. maybe tomorrow.. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
I'm almost 6 feet tall and have size 43-44.. So i don't think my feet are big for my height, but I'm skinny. What I need to do is wear more relaxed trousers maybe? Nice sneakers btw and happy birthday young (still?)
Fuck now it's weirding me out, standing oddly, sorry.
edit: the leather on this is actually a bit substantial, contrary to what some people thought.... still on the thin side though   I met rick today, he wasn't pleased. Me trying on a sadly to big leather bomber.. Sorry for the shitty iphone pics, didn't bring my camera.         Bonus pic, dick m&m's:   [[SPOILER]]
  That looks really cool, especially the three top layers.
Bottom is the same as last time..
Are you fucking serious?
30% off sales items at LN-CC.   EX30TRA
You're right. I wish I could buy it used somewhere.   Any combat boot suggestions?
$1910 actually. But yeah, that's still insane. Thanks for the advice.
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