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  I don't know what you're going to wear those with, but right now they both look pretty bad in my opinion, especially the RO, sorry.
  Well the material is waterproof, depends on the seams though. They also have them in amber:   Is the bold part serious, black lowtops suck?
Rubber gats, good for winter....?  
Ah I should have gone, was in town until yesterday.
Yeah looked like it but wasn't sure. Where is that?
ignore the polar bear
Great fit TheArm. I can't thumbs up unfortunately :/
Sorry. Double post.
I live in a relatively small city in Switzerland. No one will recognize the sweater for the brand, trust me. I just like the print and that the sweat is quite well made. If I was living in NYC or Paris or wherever I wouldn't have bought it, because I'd feel uncomfortable wearing it.
don't ask
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