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  Well the material is waterproof, depends on the seams though. They also have them in amber: http://www.oki-ni.com/icat/footwear/maison-martin-margiela-22-mens-gum-sneaker/invt/mm1334amb/&cm_vc=substitute   Is the bold part serious, black lowtops suck?
Rubber gats, good for winter....?  
Ah I should have gone, was in town until yesterday.
Yeah looked like it but wasn't sure. Where is that?
ignore the polar bear
Great fit TheArm. I can't thumbs up unfortunately :/
Sorry. Double post.
I live in a relatively small city in Switzerland. No one will recognize the sweater for the brand, trust me. I just like the print and that the sweat is quite well made. If I was living in NYC or Paris or wherever I wouldn't have bought it, because I'd feel uncomfortable wearing it.
don't ask
I tried on a couple looser pants here in paris, even slight drop crotch ones, but didn't find any I like yet. They do make my shoes look more 'normal' sized though. maybe tomorrow.. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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