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I know this thread is old, but I have the same question and was wondering if there's any ither info.. Zeemon only commented on sneakers from last year.. Are these made in china as well?
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the help! I'll check what turns out cheaper.Yeah I thought it was something like that, but wasn't sure what exactly.
Ah okay, I'll just buy them anyway.   Will try the ironing, but I wonder what Balmain etc. use.
  What coupon :D?   I just used the bar of wax and applied it to the jeans. The wax has a really strong (anise) smell though.. I'll probably have to buy some Balmain's, Dior's or Balenciaga's to get what I want, but maybe I'll find a way to just wax some Levi's.
I think I'm gonna try some A.P.C's, probably ordering from TBS or is there some place cheaper? Shipped to Switzerland..   @Kid Nickels: I don't know about any post about that, but I just tried waxing some jeans with "OtterWax", google it. Will check on the jeans tomorrow to see how they turned out. But I'm not very impressed so far. I want to find some good wax or coating as well...
Why do these moderately ugly nonnative's cost $525?
  I just started searching forlow tops, haven't really found them yet. Any CP's in particular that are nice?     How come?
Lanvin or CP's? Or are there any other alternatives with similar quality?  
     Quote:   Could you elaborate on that? I'm looking for a few better quality sneakers and have been considering CP's as well.
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