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Siki Im, the clothing brand. I think that's what he was referring to.
Stay away from CP or MMM. I'd get Lanvins if I were you, they're pretty wide and very comfortable.
What's so special about these pieces? Not hating, they're nice and I know mellow has great taste, but I'm uninformed.
You better be sorry, posting $246 sneakers in the 300$ thread. That shit don't fly here.
I want that Plokhov! Sold out I assume, or is there one available somewhere?
Well, despite people saying I should get the cotton one I bought this. Sorry to disappoint: But the thing is, it was cheaper than the cotton one, by about $500. Who knows, maybe I'll sell it again.  
Awesome, Snow. I absolutely love that bomber. I wish all of your fits were photographed with better lighting, like in the first photo..
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