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Stay away from CP or MMM. I'd get Lanvins if I were you, they're pretty wide and very comfortable.
What's so special about these pieces? Not hating, they're nice and I know mellow has great taste, but I'm uninformed.
You better be sorry, posting $246 sneakers in the 300$ thread. That shit don't fly here.
I want that Plokhov! Sold out I assume, or is there one available somewhere?
Well, despite people saying I should get the cotton one I bought this. Sorry to disappoint: But the thing is, it was cheaper than the cotton one, by about $500. Who knows, maybe I'll sell it again.  
Awesome, Snow. I absolutely love that bomber. I wish all of your fits were photographed with better lighting, like in the first photo..
  I don't know what you're going to wear those with, but right now they both look pretty bad in my opinion, especially the RO, sorry.
  Well the material is waterproof, depends on the seams though. They also have them in amber: http://www.oki-ni.com/icat/footwear/maison-martin-margiela-22-mens-gum-sneaker/invt/mm1334amb/&cm_vc=substitute   Is the bold part serious, black lowtops suck?
Rubber gats, good for winter....?  
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