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    They run at least one size big, so you could try 10..   I'm a size 44 and the 43s fit me fine.
Wait until you see the price tag.
There's currently 30% off LVR's summer stuff, but will it go on further sale soon?
@1234: They fit big, like 1 size bigger than marked. And they're pretty wide compared to CP's, so very comfortable. My feet are a bit big too and the high tops from Lanvin look quite big on me, the low tops are definitely better if you care about that, but I still think the highs look great.   Don't really like the ones you posted though.
Where do you plan on buying these? They're sold out on LN-CC..   Really like them btw.
And here they are on my big ass feet:  
Back from Paris.. Bought a bunch of stuff, but this one is my favorite:   Black matte python leather boat shoes from Lanvin.. Found them in a 2nd hand store for 200 Euros, but they're brand new (sticker still on the sole). Retail is over 1k Euros. Pics tomorrow..
Yes they are still available and yes I'm shipping from Europe. Let me know your email or something if you're interested in buying. Thanks
Nice shoes you got there, hangten. I really want the ones you're selling, too bad I spent so much already lately.   Does anyone know if the achilles mids and lows are the same width? I'm guessing they are.. Also, do they get wider if I size up one?
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