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Ugly sneakers IMO.
  Not sure, but public sale started today and the coupon I used for 44% yesterday expired today..
Where did you get the lanvins?   Also, I got these and some other stuff from ln-cc yesterday, before the coupon expired:  
Okay, that's what I thought thanks. Explains the price I guess..   Still not sure about them though
Are these MMM's really leather on the outside btw?
Yeah, when I'm wearing boots they look quite disproportional. Sneakers aren't that bad IMO though.   Is it mostly my height, or because I'm skinny? I'm 180 cm tall..
Yeah, you're probably right. Not a size 12 btw, UK 10, but still big.   These are one of the less chunky boots I've seen though.
I'm thinking about these myself:  
For sale is a brand new Temple of Jawnz TOJ1 2011. The jacket was only tried on, never worn out.   The color is a beautiful olive, which looks very dark, like black under normal light, but a bit more special. The lining is camo.   The size is a 48, but with 46 lengths. If you're a between a 46 or 48 this will fit you well. See pic for exact measurements.   Price: $275 --> Offers are welcome   FREE SHIPPING WITHIN EUROPE Other countries please PM me...
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