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"Hello, Thank you for your order on The Lanvin shoes are unfortunatly no longer available and despite our effort, we will not be able to get more of them. Can you please confirm if you would you like to switch for another item, or if you prefer a refund? We are most sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards,"   Fuck. I bought them as soon as the sale began and before they were sold out. And they send me this 2 days later!
Give. It.
I'll have a 44 bnib in some time if you're interested..
What's your size?
LN-CC order came today, finally! Includes a pair of Lanvin sneakers... The sponge ones..   And now at 1AM, I see collette has a 50% sale, so I quickly glanced over the pages... And bought these: I hope this wasn't a mistake.. gonna go sleep now
Oh don't apologize. I appreciate honesty. Yeah they're mine and I bought them mostly because of the price and because they're lanvin. I've grown to hate boat shoes as well and I've never worn these, but maybe it'll look good with something
I'm going to burn these right now then.
  What about these? I've never liked snake skin anything, but I really like the leather which was used for these shoes and it's also not as obvious as with shiny leather.. It's python btw.  
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