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damn snake, that's absolutely awesome
THIS ITEM IS NOW ON EBAY BIDDING STARTS AT $1 USD:   For sale is a brand new and authentic Etro jacket/blazer with thin white and black stripes. This jacket is brand new and hasn't been worn a single time, only tried on once at home for a minute or two. The original price was $1'350...
@hoozah, where to kop alexandre plokhov pants?
it's actually this one KJ:   But anyway, why do you think it's not well made? I wouldn't know, but judging by his other clothes that I've handled I'd say they're very well made.. And yeah I mostly want it because of the label and the other stuff I mentioned. But I really like the design too and haven't found any other blazers that I like that much, would you know of any that are somewhat similar?  
yep :p     @gdl you make a very fair point, thanks for answering   @thisisblex :   Yes to the shoes, I have them in blue and love them. Very comfortable as to be expected and the leather is really cool.   Hat... Nothing special.   Personally I wouldn't buy the white shirt.
I agree, it's quite basic just looking at it like that. But that's exactly what I need and the fact that it's very well made, the cut is perfect and the materials are great too makes me want to buy it. Oh and of course there's that unjustified urge to buy it because it's ro.   It's not quite full retail, 30% off currently and I think it'll go to 40% off later.   @gdl, that's not the same blazer. but sure, almost.
  Reposting this..  I really need some advice. This one costs a lot, but because I won't wear it every day and it's RO it'll sell easily when it's too small or I don't want it anymore, right? Should I?
If you're outside of the EU email them and they will put your acct. in the group so the VAT is automatically deducted at checkout. Yes, also sale items.
I like the pattern, thought about getting it as well but I'm not sure about the materials... Don't forget the coupon code.   Also, I need a black blazer. I love this one, but the price is insane.. Thoughts?:    
Seems to work for sale items, 20% off:   EXTRALN20CC
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