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I don't think I've even seen you wear anything else. Not that it looks bad..
Just got an email titled your order/dispatch or something.. Got excited that thecorner shipped the dunks, but turned out it was from MrPorter
Everyone is getting fired. They'll have to make up for the loss somehow..
  Looks like they had a little mix up...
What size are you?   Edit:
Probably due to me being in Switzerland? Anyway, some jerk bought the 44s a second before I submitted my card details.
Awesome, 384 USD with shipping...
  Sizing was perfect, it was just the cut that didn't look good on me. Looks very nice on the MP model imo though.
    I'm returning the blazer, not for me. Size 46, will probably be listed on Mr.Porter again in a few days. Don't size up as they say..   The pants are absolutely perfect though, I love them.
Luckily nothing I want on TBS :D
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