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I mailed them a while ago about that and they said they didn't remove VAT from sales items anymore, which makes no sense. Didn't remove it for me either. Their loss.
What ricks are those and where are they for sale? Haven't seen those...
  And from the non discussion thread:     wat
  I'm skinny, we get it   Tops - 46 and occasionally 48 for some brands. Bottoms - 44-46 Shoes - 43-44
Sorry guys, thought this was recent purchases ;)   Snake, the leather is very smooth and soft (lamb). Not thick, but far from paper thin like some of his leathers. Substantial enough, shouldn't really be any thicker for a bomber IMO.   Thanks KOY, but now I want the cotton in addition to this!
@wurm, I might buy those ann's if you don't. But I'll leave them to you if you want them.   Oh and I just got this:
Nice bows. What are those shoes?
  Definitely boots, or maybe derbies too? I've never really payed much attention to boots until now, except combat boots.. Will go through the baller boot thread. Yeah Lanvins are fine, but you're right boots would work way better with these.     SIze 44 here, only a 43 when the shoes fit a bit larger (RO ;)) But thanks man.
Yes, no? What sort of shoes could I wear with these?  
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