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Thank you very much! I`ve chosen Brunswick-it is only Dark Brown Antique now.
What is antiquing?
Chukka boots...I never wear them but I don`t like them visually.
I do not like only two holes for cord (I do not completely assured to use this word).
Saint-Crépin 2012 are not fur lined  http://www.johnlobb.com/us/models/boots/saint-crepin-2012 But I can be mistaken. Brommel`s is fur lined but I can see only Sweden shop offers.
Thank you! Will scrutinize this opportunity.
Thank you! Do you have the WEB-links?
Up to 1300 USD. And boots sole shoud be stitched and glued.
Thank you! For example http://www.ssense.com/men/product/yves_saint_laurent/black_rabbit_fur_nolita_boots/57094
Hello! I am searching for winter (0 and up to -27 C degrees) dress boots with fur inside becouse sometimes I used to walk up to 1 hour. I saw only Timberland similar or UGG similar boots or dress boots with leather lining or USD100 China boots. What to wear gentlemen? Cashmere sox and dress leather lining boots? P.S. Dress boots are subjected to wear with Brioni suits.
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