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Really weird...  I just noticed that as well.  I think that may have been poor lighting on one section of the sweater as I have never noticed it in the mirror.  (and yes, there is some sentiment involved here :-))
I'm hoping some of the knowledgable folks on SF might be able to help me find a reputable dry cleaner a little south of the "other" SF (preferably Mountain View, PA, Sunnyvale area).  I recently moved to Silicon Valley from the east coast and needed to get a few bespoke suits / blazers dry cleaned.   (I've searched the forums, but was unable to find what I'm looking for)   Thanks!
FWIW to answer my own question, I spoke with Ricky at AC near the Mandarin in HK yesterday.  Shirts are approximately 25% cheaper at the HK locations vs. the NYC store.  If you order them in HK and get them shipped to you in the US you may end up with customs fees as well as shipping so this may end up knocking that down or negating it completely.   Fabric selection is the same across all the stores and I have to assume the quality is equivalent as well.  For folks...
Hello, As always thanks for the wonderful advice on this forum.  I've done my due diligence with previous posts, but can't seem to find an answer...   Are there any significant differences (cost, quality, fabric selection, etc...?) in buying an AC shirt in Hong Kong vs. the AC NYC store?  All the current threads seem to offer compare quality / price point / value with Chan, Peter Lee, and Jantzen, but no mention of any difference between the AC shops...
        Based on your post I'm thinking you would recommend using this square instead?  (I couldn't find a paisley pattern with pink as a secondary color)
Yes.  White flowers.  
Thanks!  I've read this thread extensively as well.  I'm curious if there are other tie / square vendors I should be looking at.  Also, I've read a fair amount on matching squares to ties (i.e. match color or pattern, not both), but I could very much use a sanity check that it's cool to match a pink grenadine tie with a pink paisley square for example.  
Folks, Many thanks for the excellent information contained regarding wedding attire.  The following thread in particular contained a ton of great information:   This will be a slightly lengthy post as it requires a bit of background information on my particular occasion.   Background:   My fiancé and I are getting married in late August in New Jersey.  Our ceremony is during the day...
Folks, My fiancé was kind enough to get me a cashmere sweater from JCrew for a Christmas gift. Since then I've ended up losing 20 pounds and now it fits more like a bathrobe (there are worse problems out there I guess!). Is it possible to alter a sweater? Can any normal alterations tailor handle it? The length isn't an issue, mostly the waist. I've included a picture of the pattern if it helps.
  Location - NYC Price ceiling - for "tux-only" shoes (i.e. patent leather), $200.  If they can be dual-purposed as suggested above, $400. Office - Yes, IT sales for large enterprises.  Half the time suits, half the time slacks / shirt.   Re: other shoes I have as it may help...   Alden perf. cap toe black calf Alden black calf loafer Plaza Last AE burgundy blucher all-weather rubber sole  
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