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Courtesy Sidney Lo.
This is a long shot, but: I am looking for any of the following pairs of pants from Robert Geller's spring/summer 2009 collection in size 44 or maybe 46. New and unhemmed would be best, but given the circumstances, I will be willing to consider all cases. Thank you very much!
Not sure why this thread exists, but I'm happy that it does. I'll just chime in with everyone else and agree that Rumours is basically a perfect album. Every song on there is great, but "Dreams" gets me every time. I also love "Landslide."
The night before my sister's wedding:
The night before my sister's wedding: \\
Classic superstar model of economics. As far as its dying--no one is saying that it is going to vanish. But sales of classical-music CDs certainly don't justify their production, especially when you consider the expertise required to produce such a record. (A recording engineer has to be much more skilled to record a classical record, especially a large-scale work, than he or she has to be in order to record, say, a rock record. Note that I am not trying to bash rock...
Also, it costs a lot to produce a classical album--for the larger works, you have to pay union fees for all the musicians involved, and the recording engineer has to be really top notch, again especially in the larger works. And given that a classic album that does really well will sell 15,000 to 25,000 copies or so, it can't be very profitable.
Your math is off--175 + 12 = 187.
I personally like transparency. Besides, if the items are priced fairly anyway, then it shouldn't matter that they are marked up. Otherwise, they'll sit for a while. And endless debates result in a free bump
Sweater is great; wish it were a small. Free bump.
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