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As seen here:
Looking for any Gucci GG belt or Bottega Veneta belt with the woven design. I wear a size 32-33 jean, and like to have some room to grow so 34-36 is preferred. Price negotiable depending on style, age and condition. Thanks!
having issues with photos; will update ASAP   First sales thread here, but have bought WAY too much here and on SuperFuture, eBay, etc. Please refer to my feedback here or ask for my eBay user ID.   Doing a major closet clean of things that didn't fit upon arrival or from my undergrad days when keeping the lbs off was so much easier. Really just trying to get rid of this stuff ASAP, so everything is priced at the lowest price inclusive of all fees/shipping....
I am so ridiculously sad I missed the Coach bag.
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