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Is it just slimming or something more complicated than just taking it in in the sides? If it's just sides anyone should be able to do it. I'm sure there must be some one in the Plateau area without the need to go to downtown. Strange how this topic didn't generate more options, especially in Montreal where did all the old pro's gone. Maybe we should just discuss it in french?
I think price is sort of on the expensive side at Paul, I believe MarktheTailor is less, I've done a pair of pants there to try them out and it was efficient and nice work for less. I'm not sure with detailed work if it will be the same and if the quality will be on the same level, have nothing to bring over right now. If somebody goes there to try can you report back?  
You got an arctic fox right  there buddy, are you in Canada by any chance?
I believe there is BRAX boutique in Montreal's Ogilvy. Just call them and ask if they have it or can get it for you.
Are you implying there was an alternative use of a banana by an individual in the public bathroom?
this is interesting, i would have assumed that union would have an opposite effect.People would view this as a viable career choice, union labor would drive prices for services higher and younger people would want to go into this business.How come chef is sexy now with bunch of reality cr*p on tv and tailor is not sexy.How is this for a reality TV idea- youngish, foul mouthed English tailor goes around the world to help stagnant bespoke shops to get a grip on what is...
I went to Paul based on your recommendation and I'm very happy with the result. He guided me in a suit alterations not only in listening to what I sought needed to be done but made few suggestions which made the suit look perfect. He is very professional, and pays great attention to details. The quality of work is great. I'm really happy and definitely will use him again.
Burning question - good tailor in Montreal, after sporadic searches and recommendations from different sources the question remains unanswered. Personal experience with one of the recommendations - Nick tailleur was so so. Gerard Mayeu - you get what you pay for - don't expect him spending time on details. Next I would probably try Mark, the tailor, I bought a suit from them few years back it was a super cheap S.Cohen which they probably just flipped from some...
New Posts  All Forums: