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Can you suggest a place to get a detachable collar? Would It have to match the pique shirt?
Thanks for the responses. I ordered the Golden Fleece shirt, I like the look of a wing collar especially with the pique, my only reservation was that from my understanding a wing collar is better suited for white tie. As for the shoes, would velvet slippers go with the ensemble?... Are they not suited for dancing? Merry Christmas, thank you Marc!
Hey guys,    I'm getting married soon and will be wearing a midnight blue peak lapel tuxedo with a black bow tie and cummerbund. I originally wanted a pique tux shirt with a turndown collar but am having trouble finding in the $150-200 range that fits well (full cut). I found this Brooks Golden Fleece pique shirt with a detachable wing tip collar, is there anywhere where I can find a pique detachable collar... or is a wing collar with a pique shirt...
Thanks. I came across tie crafters has anyone dealt with them for something like this?
So I was wearing a Kiron cashmere tie today and it pulled badly . Is there any way to fix this...or is the tie garbage now? Thanks.     
I've been reading this thread for a while, and figured it was time to post something. Got this a few months ago and I'm loving it! It obviously looks great with a suit but also can be dressed down.  
Has anyone come across the Kiton tie pictured here? It's from their 2010 fall/winter collection, I know they make very few of each print making it difficult to track down.
I walked into Barney's and I couldn't find a single drakes or Ferraggamo tie that was greater than 3.5 inches, same for the Hermes store, a few months ago that was not the case, I purchased a Hermes tie and all of them were 3.5. It seems like they will be out completely pretty soon.
Looking around all the new ties I notice that 3.5 inch ties are becoming increasingly hard to find. many tie makers now moved the standard width to 3.25 inches including Drakes, Hermes, Ferraggamo and even the guy at Kiton section in Saks NYC told me that they are only carrying their own "Kiton Black" now which is a narrower tie than the standard Kiton (along with shorter kiton suit jackets). Do you guys think this trend is going to last? Or with fewer and fewer options...
Just received my first Hober tie. Got the dark blue grossa as the navy was sold out, and it really looks amazing! Note: The picture looks like royal blue, but IRL its a drop darker.   
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